You must have heard by now that marketing a product or service on the Internet is a quick way to make a buck. While it is true some people have made millions of dollars on the Internet, you will probably not be one of them. However, thousands of individuals do make a nice living on the Internet. And many more make a good part-time income from home. There is no reason you can't join them. read more

Have a great idea for a new product or service? Do you already have that great product or service and you are wondering what to do next? We would like to help. We have a good idea of what sells and what fails on the Internet. Currently, the strongest markets on the Internet are: Quick, Easy, Love, and Money. If you have an idea, product or service that falls into these categories, we would like to talk to you. Non-disclosure agreements are a must. read more

Few people outside the Internet marketing world know about this little gem. A minimum amount of work and in some cases you do not even need a website. There are ten-of-thousands of Internet marketers who got their start this way and are still making a good living without ever owning a product or having a service. It requires some work to set it up properly, but the good news is, anyone can do it. And once it is set up it runs on automatic. read more

The words website and hosting. Two words that can conjure up anxiety and imply technical experience needed. It is hard to say how many would-be entrepreneurs never took the first step toward building a successful online business because of those two words. Many lives might have been changed. The only option was to hire a website designer for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. A price most people could not afford. Starting right now, you can get a website and the first month of hosting for a mere $10. read more

There have never been two more compatible mediums than the mail and the Internet. When we talk about direct mail marketing we are talking about instant measurable results on return of investment (ROI). Same holds true for most Internet marketing campaigns. When these two mediums are used together in certain ways you create one of the most powerful marketing strategies available today. read more